Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is a procedure which includes tooth plaque removal, supra and sub gingival tartar removal and tooth polishing. Thanks to modern technologies in oral prophylaxis the procedures mentioned are performed very quickly and effectively, returning the natural brightness and color to your tooth.

Tooth tartar removal
The professional tooth cleaning should be performed by a professional hygienist every six months (in case of periodontitis – every tree months). The major tartar is removed by the means of ultrasound devise. The rest of the procedure is performed with hand instruments which are very precise and remove all the rest of tartar.

Smokers’ plaque removal with the AIR-FLOW system
This is the most efficient procedure the dentistry has today. The Air-flow system cleans the teeth with the mix of water and special cleaning powder under the high pressure. Air-flow system ensures total plaque removal whether from coffee, tee or cigarettes giving a perfect result without any harm for the enamel.

Every hygiene session is ended with the tooth polishing which brings the brightness to the tooth and makes them pleasantly smooth.

Oral prophylaxis
It is proves that prophylaxis is absolutely essential to prevent tooth decay and gingival inflammation or other soft tissue disease.

Home hygiene education
Unfortunately not everyone does know how and when home hygiene should be performed. Our hygienist will work out an individual plan for home hygiene for you. She will help you to select the right tooth brush, tooth paste, floss or mouth wash suitable just for you.